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Super Busy Month

This month is getting busier by the minute. With so many things to do… I now sleep at an average at 12 am. There’s comic color work from two titles, then there are the school plates to do. Plus there’s the Christian Comic Book contest that I have to do by the end of the […]

Uploading Final Comic Colors

Now the thing with sending these large files is that you shouldn’t go to a Internet cafe with 1. A slow connection 2. A firewall on all its machines, and 3. A quota or limit as to how big you can send your files.

My connection at home is a dialup, […]

DVD+R for 9 pesos!?

At the CD-R King show The Esperanza brand of DVD+R is oddly priced at only 9 pesos. Which is almost 10 times less expensive than that HP DVD I bought at PC Express. Haven’t tested it’s quality yet… but if it works fine it would be an amazing bargain.