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Figured out the RSS Feed

After I figured out how to subscribe to website updates via their RSS feeds I’ve been looking for blogs to subscribe to.

It’s really helpful for someone who doesn’t have a whole lot of time to surf to be able to just get a gist of what new with a certain site.

I would […]

Workloading Once More

The pages are in and it’s back to the grind once more. This is why I look like a teenager – I don’t get enough exercise apart from coloring pages.

With all the work I’m getting I invited a former student of mine, MeAnn Barrientos, to assist in putting the flat […]

Financially Savvy Freelance Artists 01

The Philippine government’s revenue collection is really getting its act together. Plugging all holes in its coffers. Aside from businesses, they’ve been going after celebrities, dentists, doctors, and lawyers – hellbent in collecting taxes.

We who are freelance artists – will the BIR come after us too? We who barely earn enough […]