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Summer’s Over – But I’m not going to school

In about a week it’s back to school. But not for me! I will be going LOA for this school year… perhaps even the next. The projects have not ceased coming and since January – the good Lord has just drowned me in financial blessing. I’m even skipping today’s enrollment because I have my two workshop students coming.

Cinemacomics has gotten back on track and will be sending me pages on a regular speed. Good news.

Shreddedpress is just waiting for me to upload. Wish I had DSL. It’s too expensive.

Aleks Kern will be busy at a talk somewhere. So project HAT will be pausing for a couple of weeks.

Nautilus Comics is waiting for me to pickup the pencils to start coloring an issue.

I’m counting 4 projects now. I’m even planning to do a monthly comic strip!

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