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USB drives vs. Netopia

Netopia (the biggest chain of internet cafès in the Philippines) computers have this habit of corrupting files or worse… faking that files have actually been copied into a USB drive.

The computer pretends to copy it into your USB, but it really doesn’t. You can check if right after the copying… it looks fine. […]

Twister in Manila

I witnessed the twister reported today. Very rare occurence in Metro Manila to have a twister.

I stopped my work (texturing for a 3D model) just to gawk at all that flying debris. It’s the closest thing I’ll probably get to American natural disasters.

It was throwing litter, leaves, twigs, all the […]

CAST Photoshoot

If nothing holds us up, the new team for future installments of CAST (from Nautilus Comics) will be having our photoshoot at around 4:00pm – 5:00pm today.

For publicity really. I don’t understand how a photo of the creatives will help sell the title (even with the CAST characters joining us in […]