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Souped Up Version

If you were able to catch me at the bookfair at my fairly interesting talk about Digital Painting… then you’d have seen the artwork I was doing then.

This is how far it’s been developed.
With Tree & Ship

So far developed that I’m deciding between variations…


With the tree or without? With the ship or not? Provide your comments on which I should pursue and why. Thanks!

9 comments to Souped Up Version

  • If you have any problems commenting let me know at joelchua at joelchua.com

  • mas ok yung una..
    sa isang pic..mas marami syang story na makikita.

    ok yung may ship at trees

  • without the tree and the ship, mas maganda. 🙂

  • brian

    I think it looks better without the tree. The rendering of the tree doesn’t look very consistent with the rendering of the other elements. I also think that it interupts the vastness of the sky.

    Galeng! this looks very differnt from the one you started at world trade.

  • Sand

    without tree and ship. Parang mas crisp ang details sa 1st pic. blurry on the 2nd. But i like the 2nd better. Without the tree and ship, it looks more desolate. I can imagine the girl is a castaway on an abandoned island looking in vain for other people everyday with the spyglass. Or maybe i’m being ma-drama. basta sa 2nd ako! Also, I wish i was able to digital paint that well!

  • With the tree but without the ship. My two cents. 🙂

  • aza

    second picture.. it leaves a bit of mystery…

  • Hi Joel!

    I like the one without the tree. It’s has a smoother rendering that looks more natural (at least for me). No offense, but the first one looks like it was sharpened in Photoshop.

    I’ve looked around your site and I think your colors are great 🙂

  • yung may tree.. ewan ko.. mas interesting siya kasi para sakin..

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