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USB drives vs. Netopia

Netopia (the biggest chain of internet cafès in the Philippines) computers have this habit of corrupting files or worse… faking that files have actually been copied into a USB drive.

The computer pretends to copy it into your USB, but it really doesn’t. You can check if right after the copying… it looks fine. But when you take out of their PC and get on back home – you may find nothing inside or that the files have been corrupted. That’s what happened to the data in my Sony USB thumb drive for instance and perhaps you may have had that experience yourself.

Netopia computers should allow the user to SAFELY REMOVE HARDWARE but instead it’s one of those many features they’ve prevented ordinary users from doing. HELLOO Netopia??? Are you joes listening?People don’t want their USB thumbdrives to grow bad sectors!!. I know better than to just yank my USB thumb drive out but what friggin’ option do you leave me with?

Perhaps this is a Netopia conspiracy to destroy thumbdrives and make more money out of CD burning. Somebody should explain how to properly put in and take out USB thumb drives from Netopia machines.

Anyway if they don’t do anything about it look up this thread regarding the same exact problem:


I have yet to try it but try to execute this from Windows Startup RUN: runas /user:administrator “RUNDLL32 SHELL32.DLL,Control_RunDLL hotplug.dll

1 comment to USB drives vs. Netopia

  • That is really weird. You should be able to save files without a hitch. Has that happened to you in every Netopia branch you have been to? 🙂

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