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Does it Feel Like Christmas to You?

I’m writing this because I met someone who felt Christmas was dead to her. The “spirit” had gone missing. Much of me feels the same way, because largely I haven’t taken any actions yet to change my environment otherwise.

It’s really easy to text or say “Merry Christmas”. But if you don’t feel it… […]

Pooling : Digital Coloring Artists

I am currently for artists who:

Have been playing with Photoshop/Painter for at least 3 years on their own PC Have studied drawing and painting Is easy to contact, and lives within the Metro Manila area + willing to visit the Mandaluyong area

If you’re short on cash and/or don’t feel like […]

Camera Comparison Info : CANON

For those of you in Metro Manila looking to buy a new digital camera, I would discourage you from purchasing a CANON. Regardless of all those hip and sensational ads they have on TV, it’s not worth the trouble of their service center. Simply because if it breaks down, you could end […]