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Camera Comparison Info : CANON

For those of you in Metro Manila looking to buy a new digital camera, I would discourage you from purchasing a CANON. Regardless of all those hip and sensational ads they have on TV, it’s not worth the trouble of their service center. Simply because if it breaks down, you could end up like me and my family – without a camera for 3 months and over the photogenic holidays.

There’s much to be said about CANON Philippines’ service center. They’ve only got one for the entire Metro Manila (the one in Marvin Plaza, Makati). It is almost impossible to reach them via their contact numbers . And third, what really pisses me off, is that they offered to loan us a replacement camera – except that when we got to their service center we were told to go home, and wait until they phone us to get it. That could be for say… another month or so. We had to wait for them AGAIN! What stupidity!

What kind of idiots do they take us for? They follow a ridiculously moronic policy perpetuated by incompetent CANON Philippines management.

My suggestion for you, the comparitive shopper, before buying any camera make sure you know how it will be serviced and where. Plus of course, avoid CANON cameras.

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1 comment to Camera Comparison Info : CANON

  • Let’s start an “I Hate Canon!” club! As much as I love the quality of photos taken by a Canon camera, I hate the fact that my IXUS died on me a few weeks after the warranty expired. I didn’t even bother with the service center because reading through the posts of other people on various message boards about my same model (IXUS II, 3.2mp), the model has a serious flaw that not even a service center can fix, and even if they can, it will be very expensive. I ended up getting another camera. NOT a Canon.

    Now my friend, who bought the same model as mine because he liked the pictures I took, now has the SAME problems I used to have. I’m rather embarassed about it because I had recommended it to him. Big mistake! Hiyang hiya ako sa kanya right now, actually. Because you know, 23+ thousand pesos is no laughing matter. It may not seem much to these Canon executives, but it’s a FORTUNE for many others. A hard earned fortune.

    Man… I could go ON….

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