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Does it Feel Like Christmas to You?

I’m writing this because I met someone who felt Christmas was dead to her. The “spirit” had gone missing. Much of me feels the same way, because largely I haven’t taken any actions yet to change my environment otherwise.

It’s really easy to text or say “Merry Christmas”. But if you don’t feel it… don’t feel it at all…. if the Christmas feelings you felt when you were a child aren’t there anymore… don’t kill yourself, I’ll reason it out for us:

1. We can tell ourselves that weve outgrown it. We try to live it up again, try to feel the way we did back then…. but we’ve changed. It can be cynicism killing off the significance of Christmas.

So now, you’rve got to make Christmas meaningful to you and others around you. We talk about giving. Yes there are the gifts, and yet so much MORE. And that “MORE” is what we need to do, for we are no longer children – and adults need more to truly feel Christmas.

Hook up with a charitable organization. Volunteer. Invite friends over and tell them how much they matter to you.

2. We are not celebrating any traditions. Or the traditions we celebrate are so shallow it just doesn’t count. Or others we celebrated with years ago, feel disinclined to preserve those traditions with us.

It may, in fact, fall upon your shoulders to take on the “leadership role” in getting your family or friends to celebrate the way they did.

3. We’re working even on the holidays. There is no anticipation of the long Christmas break. Our schedule is messed up (watch out freelancers!) We keep working, because as much as we believe we need the Christmas spirit – we pretend that it can creep into us even while we break our backs.

If it is in your power to stop working, do so. Get a leave. Why show everyone what a machine you are during Christmas?

All in all it’s easier to let Christmas die. Our roots grow naturally when we are children. But in our 20s, our roots need more nourishment. Nights are longer and the sun is harder to find during Christmas… even as the cliches are everywhere. We have to stretch our branches so much further… not only for us to receive our share of light… but to also to bear fruit.

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