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2006 – God Speaks to Me

Hmm. What an interesting Sunday January 1, 2006 turned out to be.

For the entire 2005, my brother never went to church. He went for the first time today with his fiancé.

During the sermon the pastor mentioned a story about a certain Joel he knew who was as thin as a wire before but had invested into growing physically buff. What drove this Joel to attack the gym was his daughter’s death. That definitely struck me – having the same name and physical “inadequacy”. I have yet to experience anything to shake me up though… so I’m anxious yet excited at the same time

Saw a rainbow with the family. A rainbow on the first day of the year. Symbol of hope. I thought of my dear Philippines, and now I also think of my sister’s call to the West, and my brother’s upcoming family. Then of course, I also connected this to my own hope for a better physique, perhaps a family of my own.

I may not have a love that conquers all,
or a faith that moves mountains,
but hope — the simple hope that God is not through with me yet
That’s what I have.

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