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The Artist’s Mobile Phone

My phone went dead with a “CONTACT SERVICE” error, so I decided to buy a new phone. After all I’ve used my Nokia 3310 for probably more than 5 years now – having been with me for all 3 Lord of the Rings movies and 2 PC changes.

So after some simple research on the web, I decided on a Nokia 3220. Which is probably best described as either a phone for the super genki or for the artistic. I only wanted to find the most affordable Nokia camera phone. I was quite surprised to find 4 lights on the unit that go off in incomprehensible sequences; all shouting out: “Steal me! Steal me!”

The 3220’s a bit small for my hands… or maybe I just haven’t evolved yet from my Nokia 3310.

1 comment to The Artist’s Mobile Phone

  • i’m glad and surprised to find someone else beside me who’s still using or at least still used that model kahit 06 na. mabuhay ang mga praktikal!

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