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Illustration Friday – Cake & Sorry

I’ll make it a point that if ever I miss an Illustration Friday theme that I will mix it with the next one. So it’s Cake and Sorry combined!

What you see here is another exploration into this illustration technique of using pencil lines and blending them into the digital paint. In […]

Congratulations to Pixel Pintura Summer 2006 graduates

With summer nearing an end. I’d like to congratulate my students who have finished their Pixel Pintura workshop. Michael Angelo Manuel , Cristina Satairapan, Kevin Ang, Lance Lee, Benedict Coo, Victor Ilagan, and the de Guzman girls: Sam and Alex! Practice what you’ve learned. Stay in touch for any questions you might […]

Philippine Anime/Manga Artists – Prepare your portfolio for July 2006!

Nate Butler, representative of the COMIX35 ministry is coming over to Manila on the first week of July 2006 to review anime/manga portfolios. This is for the benefit of other ministries in the US and Japan. He’s been here before. Initial word to me is that he’ll be holding the review in […]