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Illustration Friday – Jungle, Dance, and Rain

Miss an Illustration Friday? Well why not mix all the themes you’ve missed? It doesn’t have to be anything spectacular… especially when time’s hard to make.

I missed Jungle & Dance themes. So when the Rain came, I tossed them all into mix.

This is a Speed Paint done while it was raining […]

A Rainbow Once Again

At the start of the 2006, we saw a rainbow. And on the 24th of June, 2006 … (yesterday) we saw another one. I take it that God knows the situation that our family’s in right now and that he’s got something good in store for us regardless of death & taxes! […]

What Good Are Optical Illusions For?

I’m sure you’ve experienced optical illusions. Most of you know how they occur. Other just find them cool to look at.

Now when you’re an illustrator or painter, what good are they? Or more importantly what good is the knowledge of how these occur?

Take a look at these: Color Perception

Lilac […]