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What Good Are Optical Illusions For?

I’m sure you’ve experienced optical illusions. Most of you know how they occur. Other just find them cool to look at.

Now when you’re an illustrator or painter, what good are they? Or more importantly what good is the knowledge of how these occur?

Take a look at these:
Color Perception

Lilac Chaser

Notice how gray takes on different colors in each of these examples. Our perception of a color is affected by the colors that surround it (or colors that it surrounds.) It’s easy to deduce that gray has this unique ability to inherit a color – normally the complement of the general color that surrounds it. So how do you make use of that knowledge? And why would you?

Many design applications of course make use of this knowledge. In fashion and interior design such knowledge is oftentimes crucial, making or breaking a design. In painting, such knowledge gives you the ability to limit your pallette while still making it appear that you have all sorts of colors.

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