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Wooly Willy – My Fascination with Magnets

Digging up old stuff to sell I came across my old Wooly Willy toy. It’s got a face, iron filings, and a magnetic “wand”. The face and the iron filings are underneath a plastic shield – and you simply use the magnetic wand to put hair onto the face. Quite novel. I wonder if they did a female version (imagine all that facial hair).

Wooly Willy

Probably made obsolete by Hetch-a-Sketch and Magna-Doodle (also magnetic). But I would say it subconciously influenced my present use of magnets (ie Wacom Intuos tablets) in creating art and my fascination with the human face.

The Wooly Willy toy still works even for the condition that it’s in. But even if it didn’t work or if it were in mint condition – I won’t be selling it.

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