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These Weeks According to Joel – St. John’s Academy Talk, Porn in VCD, Typhoon Milenyo

On September 27th, I had the pleasure of addressing the senior batch at St. John’s Academy San Juan. It was their career orientation day! I was invited to speak regarding careers in Visual Arts and Architecture. Others careers were discussed as well

My career in the visual arts is largely self-made and primarily directed towards […]

These Weeks According to Joel – Sales & Strategizing the Career

The Amazing Gospel project from Crosswind Comics draws to its completion on my part. Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan’s exhibit “Sa Tabi Tabi Po” is about to draw a close as well at the Riverbanks Mall.

I have been very blessed that Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Schwabauer of Crosswind Comics were very easy […]

3D face of Full House actress Song Hye Kyo will make you a believer!

Just had to post this. This 3D render of Song Hye Kyo (the Korean actress in Full House) looks real enough to fool your eyes and mind!

It’ll turn skeptics into believers. This is virtual 3D character modelling, texturing, lighting and rendering at its best! A new bar has been set!