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These Weeks According to Joel – Sales & Strategizing the Career

The Amazing Gospel project from Crosswind Comics draws to its completion on my part. Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan’s exhibit “Sa Tabi Tabi Po” is about to draw a close as well at the Riverbanks Mall.

I have been very blessed that Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Schwabauer of Crosswind Comics were very easy to talk to as clients and that they also paid in faith and on time. I’m hoping The Amazing Gospel comic will serve the prison ministry well in bringing them the Good News.

Also I’d like to thank those who purchased Kapre at the Park, my artwork for the Sa Tabi Tabi Po exhibit. If I knew who you were I would thank you by name! Ever since my first Ang-Ink exhibit three years ago (2003) I have always sold my exhibit artwork, so have faith that my track record will increase the value of your investment!!

My sister will be going to the USA in 2 days as issues on property and poverty continue to loom over our home here. Hence, I am considering various options in my career that may give my earnings a boost. For the next few months I will be reinforcing my portfolio for children’s illustration – specifically targetting the US market. The word on the ground is that the Philippine children’s illustration industry is not mature enough to make a living on. And I say that not to put it down, but to brace those who may have lofty expectations of it. Also, I will be learning Zbrush – the touted “2.5D” program that textures, paints, and sculpts in 3D. I’m hoping to increase my scope of work and open the possibility of working abroad or starting a business.

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