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Anime? Disney By JOVE! – New Process Discovered

Before I was an anime fan, I was a Disney fan. I still am. I am still struck by just how life Disney characters showed on screen, the kind of life that most anime back in the 80s didn’t have.

Who is the darkest skinned Disney Princess you know? It’d have to be Princess […]

Jenny Bangban IS the OFFICE AMAZON!

Check out this new pinup of Jenny Bangban going into the portfolio! Inspired from a recent trip of mine to Leo Burnett Philippines (24 & 25th floor of the Enterprise Center, Makati.) There was this lady who caught my eye. (I sketched her real quick.) She was dressed in snazzy dark blue […]

Why I Believe I am an Illustrator

In preparation for my talk during Xavier School’s Golden Jubilee Activity Week, I made this one page autobiography for the students of the grade school Art Club.

Click the image for a legible version.

Rene Descartes put it “I believe therefore I am.” And since I don’t want to […]