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Oliver Pulumbarit’s New Illustration Blog

Local Pinoy illustrator and author Oliver Pulumbarit has a new illustration blog up: Alternatural Art. Features a lot of his old work – circa 1999 – before Photoshop. He must be rather busy doing other things.

In the meantime I’m posting my own illustration of a female squire. I wanted to try out a new […]

Taiwan Earthquake Knocks Out Internet Connection

The underwater cables that connect the Philippine internet service providers to the Internet have been undergoing repair since the 7.1 earthquake hit Taiwan. Internet service is intermittent. Email still gets in & out, but most websites (including Google) are almost impossible to load up due to bandwidth congestion going through auxiliary cables. […]

Godz and Kingz! Merry Monster CHRISTmas!

Hail to the one and only God & King. Hahaha! I only realized this now after finishing the illustration! Merry CHRISTmas!!! And a Happy Happy New Year 2007.

Did this quick illustration for all my friends and relatives. May your season be as gay as… uhm… hahahahah!!!

This year has […]