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Tony DeZuniga’s Show: Another Gathering for Komikeros

Remember the 2006 Komikon? The 2006 Komikon was a fiesta! Very loud and full of comic book action and magic.

Tony DeZuniga’s art exhibit opening at Crucible Gallery, Megamall was no less exciting.

Tony de Zuniga's Exhibit

Being in the presence of the many seasoned (and graying) Pinoy comic book illustrators and painters is really something! It felt like a reunion, but for the small quirk that I hardly knew the older generation of artists and their many accomplishments.

Fortunately, Mr. Rico Rival was there. We had worked previously on Yun: The Heavenly Man. Rico introduced me several of his colleagues and I do believe I would’ve been star struck if only I had been breastfed with Pinoy Komiks early in my childhood. The relationship between these stately gentlemen reminded me of the relationships being made in Pinoy komiks today. We are still very much a tight knit family but with a larger range in styles now. (Do I hear “anime”?)

Mr. DeZuniga’s exhibit had just the right kind of atmosphere for such a family meet & greet. While a few 30-40 something komikeros (ahem…Gerry Alanguilan?) got to touch base with the older generation of artists, I felt more comfortable catching up with my old friends (that would be the 30-somethings) and their connections.

I got to meet artist John Becaro who will no doubt write about Tony DeZuniga’s exhibit here. As well as KC Cordero, founder & editorial director of Filipino Komiks from RisingStar Printing Enterprise. Plus the unusual suspects: Gerry Alanguilan, Randy Valiente, Edgar Tadeo, Leinil Yu, Leonard Banaag, Ner Pedrina, and Azrael Coladilla.

I took home a copy of Tony DeZuniga’s “Concept Designs” entitled “She Warriors”. These can easily be called black & white pinups, but who would pay Php250 for pinups, right? These days “concept design” is the buzz word, and Tony puts his New York graphic design education (and his knowledge in sales) to good use into his art book’s illustration & marketing. You can listen in on Tony’s wisdom on this most excellent video courtesy of Gerry Alanguilan

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