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These Weeks According to Joel – Grandma, Mangga & Manga, Arts&Media Summit,

My ahma, the loving Caroline Ong Chua Giok Bian (grandma on my father’s side) passed away January 22, 2007. She is now at home with the Lord Jesus (and my grandpa), she was 83, just about 2 months shy of her 84th birthday.


She was a basketball player. She practiced tai chi. She sang, drew, and socialized. I believe she lived in a simple and childlike way. She measured a cup-o-rice for her meals, and her diet was healthy even until the end. May her children (and grandchildren) make her proud.

I am keeping myself busy with Lampara’s Alamat ng Mangga.
I believe I am making good time in the illustrations – fleshing out 2 pages a day and then finalizing them when I’m no longer tired at looking at them.

And speaking of “Mangga”. I will be gathering material to launch a blog showcasing for Japanese manga style illustrators from the Philippines. I hope it will be an encouragement for the Pinoy artists who want to excel in Japanese manga-style illustration.

Generally though I want to also make Filipinos aware that animators aren’t the only ones who draw for a living. I feel illustration is somewhat neglected as a career and as a ministry.

I attended the Talents inC (in Christ) Arts & Media Summit 2007 just today at the Every Nation Leadership Institute. The theme was “CCC” Connect, Collaborate, and Captivate. (Reminded me of Culture Crash Comics.) Over 250 arts and media people were there – including award-winning actor Piolo Pascual.

I had one big expectation beyond the praise & worship, preaching & prophecy. I wanted to connect with PEOPLE. Don’t get me wrong, I believe God was glorified indeed. Being christian, I could connect to God anytime, really. But people? Considering the nature of my work and where I work, not often!

Right now I am wondering if I am the only one who felt that way. I should join the church’s Communications ministry.

Anyway, much of the connecting with people was really up to you during the 40 minute lunchbreak, 5 minute coffee break (chat with Ariel Atienza), and 30 minute chill-out (Sorry DJ Benjo, I didn’t stay for the chill-out.) If ENLI gave ample time and opportunity for the exchange of contact info for Christian businessmen & women that attended last year’s gathering of entrepreneurs, I hope they will also do so for the arts & media next year. Something like the Metro Manila Book Fair or the Komikon would be a great way for artists to network!

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