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Children’s Book Art

I was told to make art.

Sea Witch

(This image was meant to be viewed at 50% monitor brightness)

There are many interpretations of the story of the Little Mermaid out there, and no doubt it will be difficult to push another one if it isn’t… art, as well as something different.

Disney’s done a cartoony one… so I wasn’t about to do that. Nonetheless, most of my stuff appears cartoony, or more suitable for comics than high art. It’s not surprising when as a kid my biggest artistic influence was tv & movie animation – with characters that are 3-dimensional and animation ready.

I resorted to using smaller eyes, taking off the (very innovative) seashell bra, and lastly going painterly on wood. Wood. Digital wood.

The illustration above is a study of the Sea Witch – inspired by many varieties of angler fish. The fish attached to her butt is the male of the species, but I suppose you didn’t want to know that.

Will the publisher be hooked with that sort of bait? Please wait expectantly for it, we’ll see if a children’s book like this can get published in the Philippines!

2 comments to Children’s Book Art

  • char

    Didn’t like the Disney version… as we all know, in the original version, the little mermaid turns into foam. More poetic, more melancholic, thus a more beautiful story.

  • depende sa age. it’s a good illustration for those 8 years old and above. but it’s too dark and complicated for younger kids. cheers~!

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