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Joel does Amorsolo

Fernando Amorsolo is perhaps one of the greatest Filipino Painters. I was asked by Artfarm Asia to do a pasture setting reminiscent of Amorsolo.

Here it is, still unfinished:

Joel does Amorsolo

Frankly I’m not going to even compare myself to the master painter. I did learn a lot though trying to emulate his style – on Photoshop. There is always a different color palette to every artist, and when you study another painter’s (more so a master) – it enriches your own.

Of course I still had to pull my own punches. The cloud forms are typical of what you’d see in my previous works. Moreover, the detailing isn’t as refined. Lastly, given that this’ll only appear for at most 2 seconds on a TV commercial, there are no human elements.

2 comments to Joel does Amorsolo

  • shandy


    i you might be really good in the field u are in.

    the painting looks great,i would love to see more of your works.

  • Thanks Shandy.

    I like to think I’m good at what I do!

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