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These Weeks According to Joel – Workshops, Leak, Gary V

Apart from the regular color work I’m doing for Archaia Studio Press, I’ve been fairly occupied teaching the Pixel Pintura workshops. I will post photos some of the graduates as soon as summer draws to a close.

I am vexed that I have less & less time to draw.

Another more pressing vexation is […]

Super Duper Friends Spoof of US Presidential Candidates

Election fever? Or just plain heat stroke? The team at IAS Philippines pokes fun at the U.S. Presidential Candidates and other political personalities. This link is courtesy of Jonas Diego.

Fortunately they didn’t do one for Philippine Senatorial Candidates – Jonas would probably be sued for doing so… hrm hrm.


Itsura Manga: Looks Japanese but still Pinoy

Itsura Manga is now open!

It will be featuring interviews and artworks of exceptional Pinoy artists who illustrate in the manga / anime style. We hope to feature a new artist on a weekly to monthly basis.

The name Itsura Manga popped into my head one night