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Itsura Manga: Looks Japanese but still Pinoy

Itsura Manga is now open!

It will be featuring interviews and artworks of exceptional Pinoy artists who illustrate in the manga / anime style. We hope to feature a new artist on a weekly to monthly basis.

The name Itsura Manga popped into my head one night and I thought it was a name pregnant with meaning. Not being one to just throw away cool names (like Pixel Pintura) I decided to mull the idea of making a site to showcase something Pinoy and something manga (漫画).

I took some ideas from this Character Design blog , invited Ms. Indie Hunter to contribute, and after a few months everything was set to begin the interviews.

I wouldn’t call myself a manga 漫画 artist, but I’ve done work in that style before. You may call it easy to do, but only the best truly excel. Itsura Manga will be our one-stop shop to see the best アニメ Anime/漫画 manga-style artists the Philippines has. I hope Itsura Manga will be both educational and inspirational for all Pinoy artists in general. Bookmark it, subscribe to it, tell your friends to be in it, watch out for developments… it will become much more than it is now.

2 comments to Itsura Manga: Looks Japanese but still Pinoy

  • Ed

    “Itsura…”? ‘Di ba dapat “hitsura”? 😛

    Man, I like those artworks!

  • Puwede rin “hitsura” both are in the Tagalog dictionary.
    Hitsura (ひつら) in Japanese means “Boxes” – as in Manny Pacquiao yata. Maybe from they used the word “Hit” (tsura being what makes it a verb… dunno)

    Well that’s what I could figure out from the translation service online: http://www.excite.co.jp/world/english/

    Visually “Itsura” looks more Japanese to me.

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