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Lord of the Yen

I haven’t watched Azumanga-Daioh yet… but using it to spoof the Lord of the Rings was still very funny!!

Thanks to Mar (she’s in Japan right now) for posting this funny video.


Koreans Sing Hymns at the Ortigas Park

On my way to a secret secret comics meeting on Friday the 13th…. I chanced upon the Ortigas Park. I didn’t know there was a park in Ortigas. There, a handful of Koreans teams were just about to perform. Park…. Koreans… Get it??

(this one’s :”I will be still […]

These Weeks According to Joel – Manga, 日本語, and Weight Gain!

Since accomplishing the Dalawang Bayani ng Bansa project. It’s straight into a tryout for some American manga! 漫画!! Unfortunately, it’s not to be disclosed! But all you wannabe comic artists, stay tuned, because I may be needing a team to churn out pencilled, inked, and toned pages every week! (This apart from […]