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John Shelley on Developing Story and the Portfolio. Part 2 of 2

John Shelley conducted a workshop on developing story through pictures. First off was getting a bead on the character’s Whos Hows Wheres and Whats:


Personality Body language Expression Age Costume

HOW Sequence Movement Readability Consistency (of Character & Story) Page turning Unifying Link

WHERE Surrounding Setting Mood

WHAT Impetus Problem Motivation Quest/Objective […]

John Shelley on British Children’s Illustration and Work in Japan. Part 1 of 2

John Shelley was born in Birmingham, UK. But soon after he graduated university, he went to work and subsequently live in Japan. He’s been there ever since. Thanks to SCBWI Philippines and the British Council, he was able to come over to British Council Philippines and talk about his work […]

Transformers? Why not Thundercats?

Ah good ol’ 80s cartoons. Back in the day when everyone had no cable TV or Internet… When you could talk with your friends about the latest episode of whatever cartoon, and they’d be watching it too.

They made Transformers into several movies. I’m hoping there’d be a Thundercats one. I was […]