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These Weeks According to Joel – INK Exhibit, Book Projects, Digital Watercolor

It’s been a pressure cooker of a week what with the deadline for the indie children’s book Hold on Tight approaching and with its revisions that never ever seem to properly revise. Note to self: if someone wants you to illustrate a book that features themselves, give them simpler faces so you can easily illustrate these over and over and over again. Of course, I DID start with simple faces… I don’t know where I went wrong… maybe I showered too much effort into it.

Speaking of book projects, on the 29th of August I will be book-signing Dalawang Bayani ng Bansa at Adarna House’s booth at the upcoming Manila International Book Fair. It’s my first book with Adarna, (don’t mind the colors, the reproduction isn’t all that good):

Dalawang Bayani ng Bansa

The INK Exhibit ended its run at the Power Plant mall. If not for the mall venue, we wouldn’t get any decent exposure as the posters we had were never actually posted – and were simply very large flyers. Is distribution getting worse every year or is it just me?

Me and my work: FacepaintingWatch out!  She's got a tattoo.

Ang-INK’s first Illustration Clinic did fairly well. We had around 15 to 20 “patients”, even a walk-in! Thanks to Liza Flores, Don Arado, Wilson Tortosa, and Jordan Santos for signing up as participating artists. We thank all the patients who had the courage to brave the rain and engage.

Water Color Blowout

During my rest and recreation time, I’ve been watching Heroes season one, Naruto Shippuuden episodes & its previous movies. But when I want to get a bit more productive, I experiment with digital watercolor on Photoshop. The above illustration is a quick piece I did with the techniques I’ve been developing. No filters were used. I takes a bit more thinking than opaque medium. I’m very excited to produce more work this way, but quite frankly I need more social forms of recreation…

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