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Photoshop Watercolor Studies – No Filters

I’ve been trying other Photoshop watercolor possibilities – without any Photoshop filters. The following painting was done with a single color/render layer, a customized smudge tool, and brushes customized for watercolor (they were set to multiply mode):

Photoshop Watercolor simplified

That’s a lady I saw in Megamall June 24. I believe I was eating chicken at the time.

I just realized that my sketches would be a great way to test Photoshop watercolor techniques. I use a black ballpen for my sketchbook, and the sketches are otherwise colorless.

I think I need to saturate the pallette a bit more, the colors are not vibrant enough – especially in JPG. Hopefully I can develop a more spontaneous style from all this. My digital opaque paintings don’t help me practice my pen&ink illustration all too much.

For those of you who still don’t know… I have a Deviant Art account. I posted an illustration that tells the previous setup and process of my digital watercolor. I say “previous” because the setup and process have been updated and are still being updated.

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