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These Weeks According to Joel – Finished and not Finished

Hello world. Yes, I’m still alive. There’s has been no let up of work, but I’m happy to say there still is some measure of closure.

I’ve finally finished coloring Alex Sheikman’s Robotika: A Few Rubles More and finished illustrating and revising Peachy Concepcion’s Hold on Tight. I even got to do concept art for Selecta ice cream on the side.

Robotika A Few Rubles More

So it’s November now. The Komikon is on the 17th, and so is a workshop on stock trading (to be held by my friend Bonner Dytoc) that I intend to attend as well. Financial intelligence is important, right?

This is madness

Constant source of stress at home is my Internet connection. Globe is my ISP and while the customer service has become friendly and responsible enough – I can’t say the same about my connection. The issue has not received any closure. The technicians have been to my house several times to figure out why my connection constantly dies. They have investigated one or two suspects each time they were here. First they thought it was their facility, then “the box”, then the phone line, then the modem, then the wireless phone unit, then lastly the protocol itself!!

They decided to just upgrade the protocol for my connection (to PPPoE). It seemed to work fine, for a while. But now the disconnections happen like nuts. It’s MADNESS! Apparently there is more than one culprit to this case.

So now before I go back into busy-busy mode, I realize that the year is almost over, and that I’ve done so little new things and met so few new people. I promised myself to hold an exhibit, and never got around to doing that. I shall have that exhibit hopefully before my 30th birthday comes along. Got to fight for these things and these relationships, they aren’t just going to grow on me.

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