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Goodbye Calendar February

2008, Â a leap year for me It is February, with a 29 See me go from 29 to 30 Goodbye calendar February

For today is my last day 29 On 28 February I turn 30 Never to return to 20, yes to 20 Goodbye calendar February

I wish I could go back Maybe stayed […]

Pixel Pintura Workshops on its 6th Year!

The Pixel Pintura is now on its 6th year! Despite having no internet at home, I can at least still use the PC to teach Digital Coloring & Painting! If you’re interested click the poster for a larger version.

Digital Coloring Basics is 4 sessions @ 3 […]

This Week According to Joel – “I apologize for screwing up your February, sir.”

Wow still no internet connection. We’ve called every single day since February 11 to the Globelines call center only to get… the apology.

“I apologize for the inconvenience, sir.”

“I know how difficult it is without telephone service, sir.”

“I’m sorry for the wait, sir.”

“I do apologize for that, sir.”

Frankly […]