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This Week According to Joel – “I apologize for screwing up your February, sir.”

Wow still no internet connection.  We’ve called every single day since February 11 to the Globelines call center only to get… the apology.

“I apologize for the inconvenience, sir.”

“I know how difficult it is without telephone service, sir.”

“I’m sorry for the wait, sir.”

“I do apologize for that, sir.”

Frankly if I hear any more apologies from Globelines… I’ll SCREAM.  It’s like praying to mechanized sympathizers.  They can’t really DO anything, and everything they SAY is the same.  And when you get really angry at the whole situation on the phone… they keep silent, expecting you to say something that will just repeat the whole insane conversation once more.

So now I have to spend time idly waiting at the cafe to upload and download my work files (80mb to 100mb). All around me are children and their noisy DOTA & Counterstrike.  The only consolation I have is that the married lady who manages the shop is easy on the eyes. But then that’s just a temptation now, isn’t it??  Lord God, lead me not into temptation , give me my internet connection baaaaack….

I’ve been working with leading vfx artist Alp Altiner on Team 14, a comic book project he conceptualized.  You can find an article describing Team 14 here on Digital Webbing.  It’s a real honor to work with Alp.  I first heard of him from the ImagineFX magazine.  I was flipping through the February issue (one I bought specifically for the matte painting article), read Alp’s workshop article on matte painting, and thought to myself … this is something I’d like to try out.

Then around 2 days later, I’m asked to show him samples of my color work by email.  And now here I am waiting like a zombie to upload Team 14 covers.  God can be so funny.

Oh and Elbert Or just sent me more Bakemono High pages to color.  Yes Elbert, I love you too.  My birthday is coming up.  Give me internet for my birthday, okay?

In the meantime, I’ve already begun asking around for trips to Singapore.   I’ve been meaning to take a vacation and I thought the Singapore Toy & Comic Convention would be a great event to catch… (along with the great Singapore sale.)  Ironically, it’s possible that I may find more work over there.

1 comment to This Week According to Joel – “I apologize for screwing up your February, sir.”

  • char

    Hahaha. I thought Globelines was supposed to be bettah than Pldt. I guess they both suck!

    I know how you feel. Demand a bloody rebate.

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