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Our Old Car, Our Old Father

Our old Mitsubishi Lancer GLXI took a trip to Diamond Motors to get a 15-point checkup last Wednesday. It’s got a nasty bump on its rump. Besides that, its transmission is shot and its radiator’s full of dirt. It had problems with the alternators and air condition as well. Plus it waste a lot more […]

These Weeks According to Joel : Trying to get back to normal

My internet connection and landline were restored March 10. I had called from day one (February 11) of the disconnection and the Globelines service people only arrived March 10 even after I had phone their service people. Apparently I had to CANCEL an OLD REPORT & FILE A NEW REPORT instead of […]

This Week According to Joel: Phone Down, Dad Down, Work Down

Our Globelines phone and internet connection in Mandaluyong is STILL DEAD. For almost month!!! It began February 11, 2008… and until today March 6, 2008 – the phone is still dead. My multiple requests for a temporary alternative line seem to have fallen of deaf robot ears. No one calls to inform […]