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These Weeks According to Joel : Trying to get back to normal

My internet connection and landline were restored March 10. I had called from day one (February 11) of the disconnection and the Globelines service people only arrived March 10 even after I had phone their service people. Apparently I had to CANCEL an OLD REPORT & FILE A NEW REPORT instead of having their call center people make “followups.”  Oddly I am still being told to pay Globelines 3/4 of the bill when for practically 98% of the time I had no dialtone or  connection.

In the meantime, my dad has been in the hospital since March 3.  First because of a fractured femur, then for complications which include bleeding in the brain, blood infection, pneumonia, and now anemia and bed sores.

Cardinal Santos charges way too much.  Meronem, a drug prescribed to my dad costs 3000Php at a drugstore – at Cardinal Santos they have it at 5000Php!!! Not just that, but even the price on items such as syringes and gloves are ballooned exorbitantly!  It’s nice that they have nuns visiting patients, but not whilst the hospital sends your bills to heaven!!!

It made me think twice whether I’m making enough money.  Whether or not what I’m working on now is going to support me in my old age.

Many people had to chip in and continue to chip in for the biggest expense of my father’s  (very expensive) life.  Me and a pair of my cousins have already donated our blood to the hospital blood bank to drop costs down for my dad. As of this time, we’re looking for 6 more guys below 50 to donate!

I try to busy myself with work, but such a traumatic financial experience has me asking myself & God a lot of questions.

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