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These Weeks According to Joel – Busy, Looking for Wannabe Artists

It’s been 2 months since he fell but my dad’s back at our place being nursed to health after POOR NURSING at Cardinal Santos Medical Center San Juan left him with bedsores. Did all the good Filipino nurses migrate already?

Eric Basaldua CoverSince then I’ve done color work for IDW Publishing’s Speed Racer: the Next Generation, Alp Altiner’s Team 14, and other work from artist Joe St. Pierre. Not to mention 16 out of 32 pages of Robotika Rubles #3 pages and even some rotoscoping work from video artist Paul Pfeiffer.  (Yes I finished a short course on Adobe After Effects too.)

I even have old friends Gian Fernando and Valentine Whittaker get in touch with me again to do work they’ve mentioned before to me.

Apart from that, there’s are the Pixel Pintura workshops.  Congrats to our first Summer 2008 graduate, Mr. Lu, for successfully completing Digital Coloring Pro.  I will not mention your first name for fear of your mother’s chastising.

Hotoccassions.com has a feature on Pixel Pintura, by the way. ABS-CBN’s Rea Tiama also did one on me for Salamat Dok’s ASTIG feature… still waiting for the video on that.

With so much to do, I am looking for people who can learn the systems I employ in digital coloring for comics.  They must at least be high school graduates, and willing to to work on many of these projects – and more to come.  If you or anyone you know is interested, let me know.  Photoshop experience required.  Character illustration portfolio is 3 points, graphic design portfolio is 2 points, Vector illustration or tracing is 1 point . I consider punctual, energetic & curious applicants willing to work in Mandaluyong highly qualified for this;  nevertheless, tardy, lazy, and know-it-all telecommuting freelancers may also apply.

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