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Talecraft Illustration Contest Entry

During the ToyCon 2008 held just recently, I took part in 2 contests. This was one of them: The Talecraft Illustration Contest. Talecraft is a story creation card game. There are character cards and I chose the Monstrous Adolescent card to illustrate (I chose 3 character cards randomly and opted to go for that one.)

Monstrous Adolescent

My initially study was #1. But then I realized that the whole point of Talecraft is to have players come up with unique story & character ideas of their own and not to be boxed in by the relatively limited view presented on any card.  So I essentially went more towards a fairly more surreal and expressive illustration – hopefully giving players more leeway in terms of their imagination.

I used a child soldier as reference. He had a pretty intense gaze.

7 comments to Talecraft Illustration Contest Entry

  • jasper

    that rocks XD looks perfect for the whole monstrous adolescent mood
    Were you that guy in the horror workshop at Powerbooks? awfully familiar drawing style+display pic (good memory?) i so envy your mad skills in drawing! I can only aspire mad skills such as yours (;

  • Yes… that’s me! And who were you there? Where were you seated?

  • jasper

    somewhere at the row behind you ^^ the girl who told the story about the monstrous adolescent who attempted to kill herself for vengeance and the maniac frog prince

  • ^_^ Well I do remember a pretty girl sitting a row behind me!
    Unfortunately I also remember various stories were told about people getting killed – so I am not all too sure which girl you might be!

  • jasper

    well yeah… it got a bit cliche, huh? but she wasn’t successful in committing suicide since she was immortal XD. I’m the youngest of the ton behind you . i couldn’t help but look at your neat notebook! coz your such a pro, and now i know you’ve got almost (well no one nowadays is born during the renaissance obviously) all bragging rights. hmmm… let me see… i wore pants haha… i hope i get to go on your workshop next summer (when i’m 15) that’d be so cool ^_^ btw, it’s ok if you don’t remember

  • Yeah.. Somebody dying seemed to be the best way to increase the scare factor. Your “immortal dilemma” caught my ear though, at that moment I suddenly imagined the proverbial camera zooming up and away from the poor screaming immortal lady (in gothic black…)

    THAT I’ll remember. See you soon!

  • jasper

    ^_^ thanks for that, i’ll take that as a major compliment! I’m glad to have seen your cool blog coz it opened my mind to local artists and all… also, i soo admire your passion in the arts and I can see it really got you through So yeah, hope to see you soon too!

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