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Comicon versus Komikon?


Perhaps the community of comic book artists here in the Philippines are wondering, just as I am, if there are any thorns between the 1st Manila Comicon and the longer-running Komikon.  I am curious to the history between the two organizers, if any at all – but I would not press any such inquiry further.

The Komikon brand has developed a very local flavor, with independent artists coming out annually with various titles.  A lot of selling from indie creators and established retailers happens during the Komikon, and the occasional nods to various creators are a nice touch.

The Manila Comicon appears to also be a matter of selling, but of a bigger scale.  Based from their site, the event is clearly a launching pad for the Ninoy comic book anthology.  Not only that, but I believe a school for comics as well.  Indie creators will have a share of the action… I’m looking forward to see how they are treated during the convention.

Personally, I’m tired of seeing superheroes.  You can taste all the machinery behind Superman, Batman, Hulk, Iron Man, Xmen that it leaves an  aftertaste that never seems to go away. Some creators seem to be caught up with such flavors that local comic book characters are populated with superheroes.  They are keen to state that comics isn’t all about superheroes, but the public and subsequently, big business, seems to see that as the only successful model.

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