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2008-09-27 according to Joel Chua.

@Budjette Trese in FHM? I’d like to read her interview there! #

2008-09-25 according to Joel Chua.

I’m coloring a tryout for Transformers Children’s Book. A TF Children’s Book… it’s nuts! # I’m currently visiting the Primatechpaper company website. www.primatechpaper.com. Maybe they’ll help me find a career for my abilities. #

2008-09-24 according to Joel Chua.

Photoshop CS4 has realtime rotating canvas?? This I gotta see. # @mparaz I wonder if we can plurk from our browsers… # @mparaz I mean as a plugin… # @mparaz Just right now, all the most recent "Plurkers" are pinoy. # @mparaz I did find a Firefox sidebar extension for Plurk […]