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Philippine Customs Now Taxes Imported Books, Twists International Law

I discovered a new word today: “FAILippines”

Here is another reason to leave the Philippines. Customs has decided to begin taxing imported books. Don’t assume that local books are safe either! Your favorite bookstore may have to raise prices on pretty much all books if the Philippine government wants to avoid be labeled as “protectionist” and thus tax even local books.   In fact, bookstores have already begun raising prices on imported books.

Book Tax
Philippine Government (particularly the most corrupt agency : The Philippine Customs) is contending with International Law stating:

The contracting States (that includes the Philippines) undertake not to apply customs duties or other charges on, or in connection with, the importation of: (a) Books, publications and documents, listed in Annex A to this Agreement;”

“Annex A

Books, publications and documents

(i) Printed books. xxx”

The Philippines has agreed to this law in 1979, a year after I was born.  30 years later, someone in customs decided to just screw that law in a particular fashion and begin charging “duties and other charges” on imported books. If that doesn’t piss you off, you are probably living in a cloud where your brain is light enough to float you up there.

Let’s take action! Get informed.  Get online and denounce this paltry display of corruption. It is most likely someone out there is using this new money for the upcoming government elections.

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