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Walt Disney Entertainment to BUY OUT Marvel!!

Good day.



Walt Disney’s reputation as the family-oriented entertainment company is evolving, friends! “Family-oriented” Disney can now include in its definition: explosive, edgy, gritty, age-appropriately violent.


What I think this mean for….

With the buy out, licensing Marvel properties from Disney will now capitalize on a vast distribution and media empire that Disney can offer. Marvel characters would receive much more exposure than just their games, movies, and comics. (Expect to see them dancing on ice). Treasure your Marvel licenses. They are no longer merely comic book characters.

Animators & Comic Book Artists:
Comic book artist or animation artist… one can still peg oneself as one or the other. Your style may be fit for animation or only fit for comics. But if it’s fit for both – you’ve steered yourself into an excellent position (look at Bruch Timm). This Disney-Marvel deal is hot on the heels of Marvel’s efforts to head into motion comics. Could it be related? Perhaps your skill in motion graphics may be useful? But the bottomline is really that content creation. Making your own stuff and making them grow is long-term strategy to success.

Look out for FIRST RUNS of comics and toys that follow the buy out. They may carry indications and hence added premium just from this historic move.

The Average Joe With No Inclination for This Sort of Thing:
Disney just became more awesome and can totally command your children’s buying habits unless you feed them Japanese anime


and Jollibee.


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