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Wacom Tablet on XP SP3 - Click and Double Click Woes

I downloaded a trial for Adobe Photoshop CS5 and it needed me to update to Windows XP SP3. I have two Intuos 3 tablets attached to my PC when I teach the Pixel Pintura Workshops. Upgrading to SP3 however caused issues –  I couldn’t use both tablets at the same time!   That made my classes difficult to teach.

I have since rolled back to SP2. But new  problems arose despite fresh installs of the latest Wacom tablet driver.  One of which was the crazy and overly sensitive double clicking the Wacom pen would do in Photoshop – that didn’t have anything to do with the double clicking properties in the tablet driver.

Wacom always recommends doing a clean install but even their uninstall utility misses out on some stuff.  The best solution I found on the web included:

  1. remove all preferences with the Wacom Tablet Preference File Utility (both under “My Preferences” and “All User Preferences”)
  2. uninstall the Wacom Tablet driver from Add and Remove Programs (I also used the Wacom uninstall utility
  3. delete the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wacom branch from the registry
  4. delete C:\Program Files\Tablet and C:\Program Files\TabletPlugins
  5. make sure to hunt down and delete the WTablet folder.
  6. reboot the computer
  7. install Wacom driver version 6.1.2-5 (I used the absolute latest one at the time: WacomTablet_615-3a)
  8. reboot the computer.

While that DID fix the problem for a session, after a reboot I experienced a new problem: the Tablet Driver wasn’t even being found!

A  temporary fix was to repeat step 1: remove all preferences with the Wacom Tablet Preference File Utility (“All User Preferences”)

but I tried another fix as implied on a Wacom forum that so far has worked:

In the Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services > TabletServiceWacom Properties > Recovery > Set First failure and Second failure to Restart the Service.  And set Restart service after to 1 minute (or more.)

I learned from the Wacom forum that it’s possible the Tablet Driver was simply ran too soon in the Windows startup… and needed to run only AFTER the tablet devices were detected.  So “restarting the service” when it failed would DELAY the startup of the Wacom Tablet Driver to come after the devices were detected.  Problem solved (hopefully.)

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