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Illustration Friday: Old-Fashioned (Film vs Digital Capture)

Last Saturday I attended the UFO Workshops Film Screening at the Asian Pacific Film Institute. Watched several short films, but the most profound portion of that night was actually a presentation from Kodak .
Illustration Friday: Old-Fashioned
There was a lady from Kodak who was invited to speak about the advantages of film over digital capture. I never knew film was held in such high respect artistically and technically. While the intial cost for film appear more expensive, down the line film still :

1. Lasts longer
2. Hasn’t gone obsolete like other formats

It hit me that it was a parallel to oil paintings and digital paintings.

It’s costly to buy oil paints – not to mention the investment in actually learning how to paint with them. They’re an old medium. But even now, classic oil paintings are still being sold for millions of dollars.

There is a glut of digital paintings and digital movies – anyone can do them! But when it comes to LEGACY, oil paintings and film stand the test of time.


2 comments to Illustration Friday: Old-Fashioned (Film vs Digital Capture)

  • Doing things digitally has helped my work flow but you’re right, it’s not quite the same. Another thing I love about paintings is seeing the actual brushstroke. Some painters lay it on so thick, the 3-dimensional aspects adds to the piece. A Van Gogh would just not be the same if it was done digitally.

  • Oh, and nice illo 🙂

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