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Client Testimonials

The following comments are from some of the colleagues and clients I have had the pleasure of collaborating with:

* To the colleagues and clients, please feel free to promote the project(s) we have worked on together. Thank you.

8 comments to Client Testimonials

  • Consuelo Peterson

    Joel Chua was recommended to me as were other artists. I am more than 100% happy I decided on Joel to do my artwork. His work, communication and research was beyond my expectation. He carefully and thoughtfully evaluated with creative vision what was the best way to artistically express my characters and logo. Many emails helped us along the way to bring my project, my characters to an awesome visual sight. His fee to do my work was great. I hope you will hire Joel too. You will be highly satisfied!

    Consuelo Peterson
    Little Angels To The Rescue

  • I’ve worked with Joel for the past 6 years on various comics with him serving as a colorist and an artist. He’s done coloring and art work for my creator-owned title Cast, as well as for my current series published by the Blue Cow Co. entitled Private Iris, and he has helped me out with various corporate comics. He’s very reliable and fast. His sense of storytelling in comic illustration and sense of setting for colors is very professional. He’s a perfectionist who will always make sure the work meets his high standards, though he is at the same time easy to work and communicate with. I will definitely keep doing projects with Joel in the future and I think future clients will find that he is someone who is great to work with on a long term basis.

    Jamie Bautista
    Nautilus Comics
    (Cast, Siglo: Freedom, Siglo:Passion)

    Publishing Consultant/Writer
    Blue Cow Co.
    (Private Iris)

  • Been working with Joel for my Foldabots comic series for over 2 years and he has given the comic series life, and attention to detail for time of day, color psychology for panels, as well as depth when many little elements are in a page. The challenge in pencilling and inking I face for every issue that is a cramped 1-spread a month action-based comic is relieved after seeing his colors. Joel delivers work well and respects deadlines. 🙂

  • It’s the first time I’ve worked with Joel when I invited him to illustrate a story for a seafarer children’s book series. Even before we started, I already loved his illustration style: very well thought out and executed, every frame rich with detail like a story in itself. That’s all I really wanted and expected: that Joel will deliver the same high quality illustrations for the story that I assigned to him. He certainly did, and more. His initial sketches alone already told the story really well in pictures, along with the words, in a way that good picturebook illustrations are supposed to do.

    The extra delightful surprise for me was discovering that Joel is a true professional. He was clear about the time he could commit to the project, he met me halfway in working out a schedule, he never failed to respond to my emails, and then he delivered even before the actual deadline. And all throughout, the way he communicated with me, whether face to face or by email, was very straightforward, very courteous, and — I really can’t think of any other way to describe it — very professional.

    Beaulah Pedregosa Taguiwalo
    Book designer and children’s illustrator
    Regional Advisor, Society of Children’s Book
    Writers & Illustrators (Philippine chapter)

  • It’s hard to find artists that will take matters into their own hands for the benefit of making things better,
    to be creative, innovative, but most important balls, to take a chance.
    Joel Chua is such an artist.
    Joel overcomes illustration boundaries and solves problems
    every work that he has been given by me has surpass my expectations.
    he is easy to work with, very professional, takes direction perfectly and then adds on his own input and creativity.
    Joel is not just technically efficient in illustration but he constantly raises the bar of his own talent.

    thanks Joel,
    God Bless

  • Mat Heagerty

    I just recently finished working with Joel. He did the colors for the cover for my first real dive into comics. He was a pleasure to work with. Joel delivered killer work very fast. He followed my idea closely but was able to really expand upon it. He’s a pro I recommend him to anyone and will definitely be working with him in the future.

  • Joel chua is my family friend church mate and our Entrepnegosyo creative director . He design an awesome Kuya Entrepnegosyo with a perfect smile the baring jusi represents patriotism and love for fellow filipiinos . Our mission is to create a positive change in our community and be 1 in the business circle

  • Working with Joel is a joy for his speed without sacrificing quality or creativity. Receptive to suggestions (not that he needed much!), he was able to take them and incorporate his own flair that really made the game backgrounds he did look awesome. Great work, finished way before the deadline, just above and beyond. Highly recommended, and as eBay customers would say: A++++++++++++++++ would do business again!!!

    Ann Mulia
    Lead Artist

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